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Recent News (in descending order)

September 2002- The HeartAid project is released by Spring Hill Media.

November 2001-
"The Heart's Reach" selected for inclusion on the HeartAid project (see below for details). This is a remarkable collection of world renowned pianists coming together to support the families of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

October 2001- Begins work on next CD, tentatively titled "The Heart's Reach". Fifteen songs have been selected for inclusion.

September 20, 2001- Submits "The Heart's Reach" to HeartAid, a compilation CD of solo piano music by world renowned pianists, some of whom include: Ira Stein, Eric Chapelle, Ray Lynch, and others. Proceeds from the sale of Heart Aid will go to the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks.
September 17, 2001- Goes into the studio to record "The Heart's Reach".
September 13, 2001- Composes "The Heart's Reach" in response to the terrorist attacks.

July 2001- 500th CD sold of The Opening.

Old News (in descending order)

Spring through Summer 2001- Composing Electronic House music to post on MP3.
Collaborating with a House music DJ and engineer, Chris L.

June 19, 2000 - Rain is played on "Dreams of a New Age".

April 24, 2000- Elan is played on
"Dreams of a New Age".

April 10, 2000- Mataafa Blow is played on
"Dreams of a New Age".

March 2000- 300th CD Sold of The Opening.

March 6, 2000- Skipping Stones is played on
"Dreams of a New Age".

March 5, 2000 - CD Review published at
Solo Piano Publications  website.

February 2000- The OPENING is named on the monthly
top 20 playlist by "Dreams of a New Age".

February 14, 2000- Evening in Madrid is played on
"Dreams of a New Age".

January 31, 2000- Craig's Radio Broadcast Debut!
Cathedral Open is played on the radio show
"Dreams of a New Age" on WMBR 88.1
FM in Cambridge, MA.

January 2000- 200th CD sold of The Opening.

January 2000- Featured Artist on website

October 1999- CD released, The OPENING

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