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Poetry is an important part of my life. Reading and writing poetry adds a richness and a depth to my daily living that no other activity brings me. Poetry is sustenance, a meal for the soul, a satisfying activity that gives my life ultimate meaning. Poetry is about abundance, the fullness of the human experience; it rips holes in everything, illuminates darkness, makes direct paths to new levels of awareness and feeling; it illustrates the right and the wrong in the world. Poetry is not for the lazy or the weak of heart, and it's not for those who don't want to feel. Both the reading and writing of poetry demands attention, consciousness, patience, and a willingness to be changed. I think many people miss the essential place poetry has in human existence. I hear the words, "I hate poetry" all too often. As book sales indicate, poetry is not an exceedingly popular art. But, despite its general unpopularity, it thrives. And more importantly, it thrives with the right people. Perhaps, this explains why poetry is only for those capable of living with open and sometimes injured hearts.   -Elizabeth Florio

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