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Announcing my debut CD,

Please click the song titles below to hear Real Audio samples.

Openingcover3.jpg (23359 bytes) 1. Elan
2. Parnassus
3. Mataafa Blow
4. Elizabeth's Song
5. Spice
6. Evening in Madrid
7. Cathedral Open
8. Skipping Stones

9. Rain
10. The Opening
11. Lullabye
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from Real.com.

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to visit my MP3 web page.

To order my CD, please send
$10 plus $2 shipping and handling to:

Craig Casey
P.O. Box 1006
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

The OPENING is my debut CD. I have been playing the piano for twenty-seven years in various capacities, which include mostly private performance and composing.  The title refers to my feeling that when I play, I am quite literally opening myself up and letting my emotions, my feelings, and everything that I am, pour forth.

Feel free to contact me by email with your questions or comments: craigcasey@ix.netcom.com

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